// Our Clinical Approach

A Robust Clinical Framework

Kooth’s approach to delivering clinical excellence is underpinned by our i-RESPOND framework.

This, alongside robust safeguarding measures, helps Kooth to be a safe virtual ecosystem where users can thrive.



This is a combined approach, bringing together different elements of specific therapies (e.g. humanistic, cognitive-behavioural, psychodynamic) and based on the philosophy that mental health is influenced by a variety of interrelated factors (e.g. life choices, environment, genetic makeup and relationships). Our belief is that there is no single approach that works for all. This is reflected in the range of skills and experience our clinicians bring, according to their training, interests and clinical background.

Our integrative framework extends far beyond our theoretical and clinical underpinnings. It also defines our relationship with our many partners through a whole system approach; this we consider to be essential in providing effective and sustainable care.




Our clinicians are approachable and accessible. They respond to those using our service quickly and positively. We are perceptive regarding changes to a person’s presentation or indications of increased distress and continuously use this information to inform our practice. We are equally responsive to changing patterns in the wider sense, such as social behaviours or geographical trends.

Where possible we aim to work proactively to avoid negative consequences. When a reactive response is required, we respond immediately. In addition to responding directly to those who access our service, we pride ourselves in our ability to respond flexibly to the needs of our partner organisations, to ensure a clinical care pathway that is seamlessly integrated into local provision.




We are able to support people throughout their journey towards better mental health. Using various mediums, such as written content, moderated peer support forums, messaging support and individual counselling, we engage people at different levels, including through prevention or during a crisis.


Though we promote resilience, independence and autonomy, we do not ‘close the door’ when a planned intervention has ended or because we have not heard from someone in a while. Or because symptoms appear to have subsided. We are interested in helping people to understand ‘root cause’ and that means we will support people through the peaks and troughs as and when they arise.




Providing a service that is clinically safe is paramount to us. All of our clinicians are qualified counsellors or Clinical Psychologists, with substantial experience in the field of mental health. All of our counsellors are accredited (or working towards this) with the BACP or equivalent and our Psychologists registered with the HPC. 


Our introductory and ongoing training programmes, including from a number of specialist external providers, ensure that knowledge is up to date regarding both internal and national policy. Our model is underpinned by strong clinical leadership with robust governance procedures that assure the quality and continuous improvement of all our clinicians. Our senior clinical team have specific experience within risk management and our risk assessment and management procedures – including outside normal working hours – reflect this. Safeguarding vulnerable children and adults is central to our quality assurance process. 


Person Focussed 


We are committed to a person centred approach. We believe each person needs to be considered as a whole and interventions must be tailored to individual needs and personal circumstances – not diagnosis. Our flexible,integrative model allows for this, including an ability to match people with the right clinician and work with people at a time that suits them, not the service. We truly value the notion of patient choice and aim to shift the power dynamic that often exists within a traditional doctor-patient-relationship by working in partnership with those who access our service, taking into account their preferences. 


Outcomes Driven


We are committed to developing the evidence base for Kooth services. We ensure all our practices are drawn from evaluated models and strive to achieve targeted standards of evidence for all our work. We recognise these can take different forms. Indeed there are a range of quantitative and qualitative outcomes that can be achieved in mental health. We believe just as our clinical model needs to be person focussed, there is not a ‘one size fits all’ for evidence. We champion measures that work to suit our users, such as the goal based outcome measure, and have a research strategy to tailor coproduced measures to suit the specific issues and ways in which we provide support.




We value our service users regardless of their beliefs, backgrounds and culture – we do not judge them. Our practitioners use empathy and genuine interest to understand and validate view points, challenging gently if appropriate but never undermining an individual’s position or allowing their own position/beliefs to over-power the therapeutic relationship.


Digitally Innovative


Our clinical model has evolved over many years and though incorporates a blended approach, including some face to face provision, digital innovation has always been at the heart of what we do. Since 2004, we have led the way in digital mental health for young people in England and continue to develop our model by combining our clinical and technical expertise to meet the growing demand for mental health services across the age range and with an international focus.

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