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Effective and personalised mental health care for the 4 in 4, not just the 1 in 4.

Our mission is to establish the evidence base for Kooth and demonstrate the impact of digital mental health support. Kooth was built to serve the needs and wants of people with issues around their mental health. Our work so far has demonstrated that Kooth works as a Positive Virtual Ecosystem, providing many touch points of support as when and how people want to access it, with outcomes to match.

Our research team work with the best academic partners to ensure all of our research is independently validated and of the highest quality. We are leading the way in providing evidence for this unique approach to mental health support, and committed to providing outcomes that reflect the needs and wants of users as a priority.

Our team of data analysts work tirelessly to democratise data within Kooth to enable data-informed decisions. Data control, governance, security and validation are paramount to Kooth Insights team’s data processes. Our Insights team provides analysis and insights for ground-breaking peer-reviewed research, to drive user behaviour-led product development, for optimum efficiency and consistency of service and for Safeguarding and Clinical governance.

Research Chronology (2021)

A decade of Kooth’s research and insights, summarised into an interactive PDF.

Independent LSE Report (2021)

LSE ran an independent evaluation of the Kooth community to identify how community can support young people with mental wellbeing.

Developing a Community Measure (2020)

LSE ran an independent evaluation of the Kooth community to identify how community can support young people with mental wellbeing.

As a leader in digital mental health services in the UK, Kooth has millions of data points covering the mental health journey for over half a million individuals. Using that wealth of data, we leverage data science to improve the Kooth service and to support our service users in achieving optimum outcomes for their mental health.

Data science is key to improving the service we provide, covering projects such as early recognition of risk, matching service user needs to the most appropriate practitioner, and improving the service user experience through shorter waiting times for support and moderation. We use data science to evaluate the trajectories our service users take through Kooth, partnering with experts in both academia and machine learning technology. We are always ethical, collaborative and open about our assumptions, throughout every project.

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